Milady Minecraft

Owning a Milady NFT gives you access to a highly customized Minecraft server exclusive to the Milady community, featuring NFT-gated land plots and regular community events. Join by entering in Minecraft after authenticating in Milady Village discord.

Installation Instructions

Make sure you have purchased a Minecraft account if you don’t have one.

1. Download and install OpenJDK 17 x64 for your respective platform:
[ Win / OSX ]

2. Download and install MultiMC Launcher for your respective platform:
[ WIN / OSX ]

3. Launch Multi MC. You should see your Java install. Set Minimum memory allocation to 512 MiB, Maximum to AT LEAST 4096 MiB and hit next.

4. In the MultiMC launcher, right click and select 'Create instance'

5. Select 'Import from zip' in the left menu, and enter the following url to the Remilia Metaverse Modpack: ""

7. Click Ok to install the modpack.

8. You should now see Remilia Metaverse Modpack on your main screen. Click it and select Launch on the right sidebar.

9. Before you can play, it’ll prompt you to login with your account. Select add Microsoft on the right sidebar and follow the steps to sign-in.

10. Now launch the instance from MultiMC. It may take up to 15 minutes to launch the first time as it installs each mod in the pack.

11.Once you’re in, select Multiplayer

12. You’ll see Milady World on the top. Click the arrow to join the server.

That's it! You're all set to play.

Some tips:


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