Welcome to Milady Maker! — ゆっくりしていってね!

Milady Maker is a collection of 10,000 generative pfpNFT's in a neochibi aesthetic inspired by street style tribes.

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Milady Maker Collection

You can view and trade the Milady collection on the secondary market at OpenSea.

Milady style is inspired by the subcultural fashion tribes of Y2K Japan.

Lifestyle Experiences

Milady is an aesthetic, a lifestyle and a community. We are constantly conceptualizing and developing social extensions of the Milady vision.

Milady VRtube: Miladies were designed as separate asset layers, so they wre readymade for Live2D rigging for use as VRtube avatars. We've rolled out Milady VTube avatars in collaboration with Hologram Labs. Just connect your wallet with the Hologram app to use any Milady in streams or videocall.

"Hey Milady Fans! Welcome to the Daily Milady!!"

Milady Raves: Holder meetups in the form of warehouse raves put on in major cities like NYC, London, Tokyo in collaboration with their local underground scenes.

Milady Rave #5 - NYC 6-24-22

Miladycore Bootlegs: Bootleg merch store for commissioned knockoffs of designer cosmetic series with logos detourned to feature Milady graphics.

The Prada bootleg buckethat

Milady Minecraft Metaverse: Highly customized Minecraft server exclusive to the Milady community, featuring NFT-gated land plots and regular community events. Join by entering milady.world in Minecraft after authenticating in Milady Village discord.

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Milady's produce eclectic but spiritually coherent outfits.

Expansion Packs

As a copylefted brand, Milady supports a thriving ecosystem of derivative projects from its fan community. Remilia Collective also produces official expansions given away to Milady holders following our hypercitational method.

Banners NFT: Generative NFT header photo series, a free mint offered to Milady holders, made in collaboration with the community's submitted captions.

Banners NFT

Banners recontextualizes the userboxes of early internet personalization into modern social media platforms, with a syncretic design citing wikipedia userpages, forum signatures, and operating system themes and text content detourning the basic element of userbox self-description with absurd, aesthetic and hypercitational references.

Redacted Remilio Babies: Companion collection to Milady Maker, as the canonical zoomer little brother to Milady. Where Milady explores Japanese style tribes, Remilio uses the neochibi pfp framework to engage reactionary, schizophrenic and zoomer aesthetics.

Remilio #3452

Remilio's design extends one of the earliest forks of the "OG Milady" edits, predating the Milady Maker NFT.

Milady, That B.I.T.C.H.: Surprise free mint offered directly from contract, featuring Milady in a bootleg english t-shirt each spelling out B-I-T-C-H with random words.

Milady, That B.I.T.C.H.

Words used for the random generation were sourced from cultural critic Angelicism01's essay on Milady, "NO MILADY NFTS, NOT NOW" with Chief Keef's "Finally Rich", and Chief Keef's "Kush with them Beans," as a playful and irreverent response to the environmental and capitalist criticisms made in Angelicism01's review, as a commentary on the inevitable cultural subsumption process of capitalism.

Pixelady Maker: Pixel art derivative heavily referencing wider Milady memes and culture and general extremely online internet aesthetics, lead by Egrevore with art by Mr. Yokou.

Pixelady #3452


Style Themes

Milady's generate a variety of accessories, but the two primary cosmetics - Hat & Shirt - are each divided into five major style themes inspired by Tokyo fashion tribes:

The bottom border of a Milady card is defined by its theme(s). A Milady whose Hat & Shirt cosmetic share the same theme receives +5 on their Drip Score.

Drip Grade

Milady's each have a drip score rating their overall stylisnhness, with each cosmetic scored on its rarity, then weighted against the prominence of its slot, with a multiplier applied for theme or costume complete badges. Drip score are designed to help tie value to aesthetics over pure trait scarcity.

Milady's are given a letter grading for their drip score (D, C, B, A, S, SS) to help categorize an individual Milady's quality.

We love a cute Milady!

About Milady Maker — プリンセスメーカーについて

Milady Maker is a Remilia Collective project. View the Analytics Dashboard or read the Design Notes.

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All Milady Maker branding, assets and NFT's are copylefted under the Viral Public License.

Authorship Hash — 著者名ハッシュ

Due to vulnerabilities arising from Remilia Collective's post-authorship ethos and distributed artmaking practice, detailed credits are provided below as a "secure hash" to cross-reference with any individual claiming contributions to our work:

AUTHORSHIP HASH [SHA1: eeecebb2755eb39baca42e786a6be6b5806decc9]
Milady Maker is an original remix of the character “Hororo” from Bottle Fairy (2003), with: assets contributed by Jenny, Proxy, Sam, Dolls, Yuyu, Charlotte Fang, Milk, Nya, Worm, Sprite, et al.; asset illustration/rendering by Yuyu, Sprite and Charlotte Fang; overlay graphics by Worm; website by Charlotte Fang with Web3 by Alima; smart contract by Rahab, forked from OpenZeppelin and licensed under MIT; image composing by Ika; prototype Milady Maker dress-up game by Fodkorp with test assets by Sprite and Fodkorp; community management by Michael Dragovic, Onno Whitemoor, Jenny and Charlotte Fang; social media marketing by Gabi, Haf, Jenny, Sprite, Michael Dragovic and Charlotte Fang; KOL marketing by Charlotte Fang, Lukas and Yojimbo; conceptualized, initialized, specified, funded, organized, coordinated, designed, curated, led and unilaterally directed by Charlotte Fang, under the Remilia thousand year benevolent dictatorship.

Not an assignment of rights. If we missed or have erroneously noted a contribution, contact Michael Dragovic in Milady Village to report the error.